Wednesday, August 28, 2002

I survived!

And I will survive any emotional fuckwits life throws at me! I've read Bridget Jones' Diary, I've seen the adapted movie (Renee Zellweger is GRRRREAT in it, but the script is less than brill. Read the book first for this one!), I know how it's done! You meet a sweet, misunderstood lawyer and--after a series of, um well, misunderstandings, you fall deeply in-like and begin the New Year (perhaps the vicious cycle?) all over again.

That said, though, I highly recommend the book. If you'll excuse the heavy-handed simile, BJD is like a bag of licorice: fun and tasty--junk food that doesn't make you feel sluggish. Or guilty for enjoying it. In fact, Bridget's life is such a mess, you'll feel damn confident that you can overcome whatever's weighing you down.

I think Bridget and I need to sit down for another chat...

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